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*glances meaningfully at followers list*


I have three interviews tomorrow and two more on friday. I’m very likely to get a job.

I am having an amazing day thus far, so I’m doing much better.

That is all for the update.

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Ahaha or just a temporary leave of absence. I can’t handle being on this blog right now, couldn’t handle it for the past few days but I’m addicted to you little fudge muffins

I need to retreat, clear my head or deal with shit and whatnot. I don’t really think I need to explain anything at this point…

Anyway, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you folk bugging me. My Skype is muse_1110 so if you want me add me….just tell me who you are first ahaha…

Anyway I’ll probs just be on Heather for the most part, I’ll likely be back soon. Or not. Whatever happens.


Gonnaaaa avoid Tumblr

Iffn’ y’all need me I’ll be on skype. Ciao~




happy easter here’s a chocolate version of the cross our lord was tortured and killed on

it’s a metaphor, you see

you put the killing thing between your teeth


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Alpha Bro reporting for duty.

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Getting some Family Spinoff feels, so have Alfendi Layton and Naruhodo Ryunnosuke swordfighting.

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It’s why she’s the queen!

I need to find her icons. 

But I am lazy.

I must be more in tune with this lady her Queenlyness pleases me.

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I’m actually enjoying playing Angela on Twitter. Kickass BAMF who’s a real estate tycoon and willing to give the boys hell oh man.

Holy shit this week.

D—> Get up and fight me, clown

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